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I purchased the Domestic helper insurance from DaoHeng (the above advertisement). but then on the start day of the insurance, I decided to terminate my maid, and so I called them at 9am to stop the insurance.
Dao Heng says cos the plan starts at 1200mid night, they cannot do anything anymore.
So, two weeks later, I call and ask if I can change this $360/yr insurance plan to the $240/yr local part time clean up insurance plan, they says the plan is not transferrable.

I am very angry, because this is no use to me and I already called them immediately to end.. they are very tricky and not flexible.

So, I do not recommend to buy any insurance from Dao Heng. Use QBE is better, which I was able to change it to local part time helper plan from domestic helper plan before

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yes, they're very tricky, I purchased Dao Heng Domestic Helper Insurance for the maid, however, my bad maid go to Philipino Doctor to have medical consultation and write down on the medical certificate said: dizziness (because of lack of sleep at lease 7 hours for 24 hours) as a result, I can not claim the medical fee, then I ask Dao Heng why dizzines cannot claim, it's only a normal sickness, they reply because of quality of rest cannot claim, then I argue with them, why not, when you persuade people to buy the insurance, you say yes, yes, yes, when we claim the fee, you say no, no, no.

Anyway, my bad maid is the worst, she know this kind of method can make me can not claim back the money, she is very bad + the Philipino Doctor.

I am now make a complaint to Medical Council towards the Philipino Doctor (Dr Maria xxxx located in Causeway Bay)

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