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flowerlover 17-5-1 19:46
Dear Tami, would you please send me OET materials? Many thanks!  My email:[email protected]
derrickcanada 17-4-21 19:35
Dear Tami, would you please also send me the OET material? my email is [email protected]

Thanks a lot for your help.

Minkko 17-3-4 20:09
Hello Tami, would you mind send me some OET material to my email ( [email protected]) Thanks so much!!!
LibbyLai 16-11-29 21:37
Dear Tami, pls send me OET material via the email:
[email protected],
Thank you so much!
Tami 16-10-11 16:50
marvinz0 16-10-9 14:09
Hi Tami, I would like to help my wife to apply 189 visa. would u plz send the oet material to my email: [email protected]
Wendywendylo 16-5-22 15:55
Tami, would u send the oet material to my email: [email protected]
Million thx
oiyan3010 16-5-1 11:23
Hi Tami
Do you mind to send me the OET material to my email ([email protected]). Many thanks!!
Tami 16-2-1 15:17
Thats OET , not IELTs
elysechui 16-1-29 15:55
hello:) i saw your replied post that you have some preparation materials of Ielts test. Would you mind send those materials to me by [email protected]  Thanks
chaushelley 15-11-17 23:06
hello! 有心想買Panasonic BM 1000 bread maker 麵包機, 可以傾傾嗎?
pat_kylie 15-11-11 20:57

I am a RN in PMH and plan to migrate to AU. Just passed the OET exam. Can you share some info about application of AHPRA ??

my Mobile: 92782046 (Whatsapp)

Thank You !!!
kukuwaiting 15-5-14 10:54
And wish you can get the licence smoothly
kukuwaiting 15-5-14 10:53
Got your email... Many thanks
Tami 15-5-13 15:06
no problem
kukuwaiting 15-5-13 13:58
Hello there.
I saw the post about OET. Do u have some practice materials. I haven't enrolled the oet. But I failed ielts twice
So I would love to have a go of oet.
Do you mind sending me some off the materials.
Thank you very much.
[email protected]
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