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去看看吧, 敝啦, 我屋企都有幾件.







資料來自 http://www.hkatvnews.com/

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分享煮食的樂趣, 是減壓的一種好方法!


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吼呀, 我都幾like買佢d產品........


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as lead is a serious problem, i would suggest keep the fisher-price toys away at the meantime and check if there is any updated news describing whether the affected toys are plastic made, made of fabric, etc


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According to Reuters (NY), the toys are made of plastic

Mattel's Fisher-Price recalling 1.5 mln toys
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mattel Inc. is recalling 1.5 million Chinese-made toys worldwide because their paint may contain too much lead -- the latest in a deluge of product safety scares that have tainted the "made in China" brand.
The recalled toys made for Mattel's Fisher-Price unit include popular preschool characters like Elmo and Big Bird along with dozens of other items.

They were made by a contract manufacturer in China using a non-approved paint pigment containing lead, Mattel said on Wednesday.

Lead paint has been linked to health problems in children, including brain damage.
Mattel is asking U.S. consumers and sellers to return 967,000 plastic toys and is recalling another 533,000 from other countries, including Britain, Canada and Mexico.
Mattel's senior vice president of worldwide quality assurance, Jim Walter, said the recall could hit all its markets and traced the problem to a single manufacturer.
"The disappointment here was we had a single contract manufacturer that we had a long-standing relationship with, who did not do what is required by Mattel," Walter said.
The recall comes amid heightened concern worldwide about the safety of China's exports. Many of the previous problem products have involved smaller manufacturers, but now a major company in a sensitive sector has been hit.
"Nobody wants to face that PR nightmare," said Kent Kedl, the Shanghai head of Technomic Asia, which advises companies sourcing out of China. "But the reality is that things slip through the cracks. And the cracks are a little bit bigger here in China."
Walter said the toy maker had launched an investigation. Mattel had stopped producing and shipping toys from that manufacturer, but said it would wait for the findings of the investigation to decide whether to keep doing business with it.
China has fought back against consumer concern by promising tough quality controls but also accusing foreign media of "alarmist" reporting that could stoke a protectionist backlash.
"Over 99 percent of China's export products are good and safe," Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said in Beijing on Wednesday, according to the ministry Web site (www.mofcom.gov.cn).
"We hope that concerned parties can treat Chinese products objectively, fairly and rationally. Don't let this damage the normal development of trade."
In the United States, the Fisher-Price toys were sold nationwide at retail stores between May and August, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.
Mattel said U.S. consumers should contact Fisher-Price to arrange a product return.
Mattel said it became aware of the problem in early July and was working with retailers to remove the toys from shelves. It also said it was intercepting shipments to avert further sales.
Of the nearly 1 million products recalled from the U.S. market, Mattel said about 30 percent had reached store shelves.
It declined to identify the manufacturer. In China, offices of Mattel's suppliers referred inquiries back to its head office.
President George W. Bush has ordered a review of U.S. rules intended to keep out harmful imports following a series of scares involving Chinese goods this year.
The United States has stepped up inspections of goods from China after a chemical additive in pet food caused the death of some pets. Toxic ingredients were also found in Chinese fish and toothpaste exports, while the deaths of patients in Panama were blamed on improperly labeled Chinese chemicals mixed into cough syrup.
Chinese-made toy trains were recalled in the United States in June because some may have contained lead paint.
Kedl, the consultant, said China was too important as a manufacturing base for foreign companies to abandon, but they were likely to tread more carefully.
"Multinationals will be more cautious, re-evaluating the cost of doing business in China, but no, they will not quit China."


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我早幾日先買左幾件fisher price玩具比個女


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From time to time, US and EU, and other economies, issue "consumer warning" against "made-in-China" products.

While under the political situation of "high trade surplus", the coming election yr in US (2008), etc, we would expect receiving more and more news about problem and dangers from "made-in-China" products.

Though we fully understand that as a resident in the earth, using Chinese made product is inevitable. On the other hand, as a parent, we really want to protect our kids as far as possible, even though, we would also doubt there is certainly some protectionist element behind.

Just in case u want to know more about the "consumer warning" against those "made-in-China", u can read the news at http://www.cacs.gov.cn/DefaultWebApp/index.jsp


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The list of toys involved can be found at the Notice of recall issued by US CPSC


For easier reference, I have copied the list below. You may wish to check if you have purchased the pdt below:

33662 Elmo Light Up Musical Pal
33664 Big Bird Light Up Musical Pal
39038 Elmo Tub Sub
87946 Elmo Keyboard
90609 Elmo Collectible
90612 Zoe Collectible
90614 Big Bird Collectible
93068 Elmo Boom Box
93307 Press N Go Elmo
93492 Cookie Saxophone
93615 Splash Tub Puzzle

B7554 Count To Beat Elmo
B7987 Elmo In The Giggle Box
B9620 Dora's Talking House
C6908 Dora, Backpack, Perrito Figure Pack
C6909 Diego Figure Pack
C6911 Boots, Tico Figure Pack
G5112 Sing With Elmo's Greatest Hits
H2943 Grow With Me Elmo Sprinkler
H3344 Birthday Dora
H5570 Elmo & Pals (Elmo, Zoe, Bigbird)
H4628 Water Fun Tote
H8237 Blue 3 Pack Figures In Tube
H9124 Chef Dora
H9186 Giggle Grabber Ernie

J0338 Diego Talking Field Journal
J0344 Go Diego Go Deep Sea Rescue
J0346 Go Diego Go Talking Rescue 4 X 4
J5936 Giggle Grabber Chef Cookie Monster
J6537 Sesame Street Giggle Toolbelt
J6763 Royal Boots And Tico
J7983 Sesame Street Tub Pots & Pans
J9692 Dora's Talking Pony Place
K3414 Diego - Talking Gadget Belt
K3580 Fairytale Adventure Dora
K4140 Toucan Motorcycle Rescue

L3194 Surprise Inside Diego Eggs
L3488 Sesame Street Birthday Figure Pack
L3507 Sesame Street - Super Boom Box
L5202 Birthday Dora
L8905 Pablo & Pals
M0352 Dora Figures Diego & Bear
M0527 Sesame Street Giggle Doodler
M2051 Lets Go Rescue Center
33663 Ernie Light Up Musical Pal
34658 Elmo Stacking Rings
39054 Sesame Street Shape Sorter
90267 Ernie Splashin' Fun Trike
90611 Cookie Collectible
90613 Ernie Collectible
90745 Construction Playset
93107 Action Fire Engine
93308 Rev & Go Cookie Monster
93493 Elmo's Guitar
93780 Music And Lights Phone

B7888 Shake, Giggle & Roll
B7989 Silly Parts Talking Elmo

C6910 Swiper Figure Pack
G3825 Dora Talking Vamonos Van
G9717 Giggle Doodler
H3343 Cousin Daisy
H5569 Elmo & Pals (Elmo, Cookie, Ernie)
H4187 Dora Figures In Tube
H8236 Dora 3 Pack Figures In Tube
H8238 Sponge Bob 3 Pack Figures In Tube
H9125 Bedtime Dora
H9188 Giggle Grabber Oscar The Grouch

J0343 Go Diego Go Antarctic Rescue
J0345 Go Diego Go Mountain Rescue
J5935 Giggle Grabber Soccer Elmo

J6762 Queen Mami
J6765 Prince Diego
J9518 Sesame Street Giggle Drill
K0617 Twins Nursery
K3571 Go Diego Go Mobile Rescue Unit
K4139 Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue
L0305 Dora Figure

L3215 Sesame Street Elmo Jack-In-The-Box

L5813 Diego Tub Trike
M0351 Dora Figures Dora & Kitty
M0524 Go Diego Go Talking Gadget
M0732 Dora's Talking House
M2052 Fairytale Castle


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