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[size=large]Note Book--
I (St.Cat)

ST.CAT 2005 K1 家長入黎傾/分享下 - 續集

Re: SC + Heep yunn 點揀

2006 入讀St.Cat K1 家長交流區


St Cat how do they handle K1 open class?

St Catherine - Foreign Teacher[/quote]
Adrianmama 寫道:
Your are right

K1 - class teachers = 1 foreigner + 1 local
K2/K3 - 1 foreigner teacher shared by couple classes and you child will get about 30min foreigner english per day
KarynCheng 寫道:
Just heard from the friend of my neighbour about St Catherine that : -

K1 - class teachers = 1 foreigner + 1 local
K2 - no foreigner (her daughter is now in K2)

I'm worrying about this as my son'll be registered in the next Saturday.

Please anyone having kids in St. Cath. give me a real picture. \"\"

Re: ST.CAT 2005 K1 家長入黎傾/分享下 - 續集

1.sc是否雙班主任制, 即係本地老師同外藉老師係班入面既時間係一樣既, 一齊上堂? 定係英文老師每日只上下英文課。



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Re: 幼稚園筆記簿

[size=large]Note Book--II (Victoria)


HMT維多利亞2006 K1交流站

何文田維記 - 升K2傾傾

有無在Victoria畢業, 分享升小學後的情況?

Re: St. Cat Vs Victoria Kindergarten

[size=medium] Re: 何文田維多利亞K1家長

] [size=medium]IB課程將會成為教學趨勢,現階段有何意見[/url]

[size=medium] 中產部落 MiddleClass Blog 討論區-- 維多利亞家長請進

[size=medium]Re: Comparison between St. Catherine and Victoria

[size=medium]談幼稚園--有無在Victoria畢業, 分享升小學後的情況?

[size=medium]小學雜談--有無在Victoria畢業, 分享升小學後的情況?

[size=medium]有冇讀緊維多利亞PN, 又想轉其他幼稚園K1的家長可傾?



Re: 何文田維多利亞幼稚園

TikTikmami 寫道:
My son is attending PN am class. I can give you some opinions for reference.

Good things: Long history (40 years) with good reputation. The chief principle is the successor of her mother, thus the school can catch the pace of society development. The school is well organised and systematic. You can proof my words from the setup of the campus and their notices. I have visited a few famous kg including St. Catherine, St. Nicholas, York, Creative, Cannan and HKBU. Homantin Victoria is on the top. Victoria adopted two mistress system (one Chinese and one English) and the teacher/staff are very nice. About qualification, most of them have more than one certificate. If Principle and Head Teacher are not included, one Chinese and five of seven English teachers have Bachelor degree. One of them has Master degree in teaching English. In addition, they have English/Putonghua stream from K1 (pm only). It means the Chinese teacher speaks Putonghua instead of Cantonese.
Shortage: You've pick it out. No outdoor playground. The other one is school bus.

In short, Homantin Victoria is good choice, especially for PN class. There is not so many options. Since Victoria is quite transparent, I suggest you have a look in their website.

For me, SC has accepted my son in K1 am class. However, I am still struggling whether he should continue learning at Victoria. Indeed, its good.

Re: 何文田維多利亞幼稚園

Cyrusmum 寫道:


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Re: 幼稚園筆記簿---Others---Primary

[url=http://www.baby-kingdom.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=657632&forum=7&36]Re: 仍在找真道書院的不足

daisychan 寫道:
cow 寫道:

“真道的不一樣的課程有好有唔好, 因是自己老師編寫,所以水準很參差。中文主要是跟大陸江蘇教育出版的課程,所以都幾深。而英文水平較漂忽, 但有教很多日常生活生字如不同衣服名稱、面部特徵的形容詞等。學生普遍口語水平不錯。數學就一般水平。”



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Re: 幼稚園筆記簿

Hello everybody:

I am totally agreed 小小 bb and kakiki their comments, my son also studying in SC.

3 years ago, I took my son to the Kinder interviews, the first one was SC. My son did not performed so well in the interview, he only answered his name, his age and some simple questions. I still remembered the teacher asked him "what is the things in the picture?" (That was a bus.) Then my son sang "the wheels" on the bus happily. But the teacher look at him seriously and asked again: Please tell me what. is. this.? Then my son just kept quiet and wanted to leave! I tried to help but my son already felt unhappy, then the teacher jumped to another question, and then went back to the same question again. I thought that was too tough! I also felt very hard feeling when I left, I was very worry to take other interview again, even I also applied HK Preschool and Kenville.

After one week, I received an accept letter from SC, I felt so happy because I am not necessary to go to other interview again.

I told my best friends immediate, their first comment was "lease think about they have soooo many students of course some students will go to DP or DG but the ratio is very low. You should choose the primary related kinder like HK Preschool or Keenmind.

Before, I thought SC is very famous in language, at least no problem in speaking and listening english or mandarin... But actually not happened in this school. Sometimes, my son complaints the teacher always forget to bring books and comes late. I asked the teacher how to arrange the individual reading time, she said "Oh sorry, we have too many kids," So sorry! I don't have enough time.

Sometimes I will chat with some mothers in SC how come all subjects we need to study outside? So funny. I suddenly counted how much I spent on the academic lesson, my husband asked me why you still need to study in this school? And also it will not add多d 分 when he go to Primary interview.

Now I am paying the following fees every month:

3700 school fee
700 school bus
2000 phonics (Academic)
1000 mandarin private lesson (Academic)
1000 math (Kumon and Selin) (Academic)
800 chinese lesson in Shatin (Academic)
700 piano
1500 Violin
1000 gymastic
2000 swimming
500 Drawing
1000 Drama - to expose more in english environment and build up confidence

The above is only my personal opinions and experience, hope all mothers and your children have a happy life especially in the first few years.
小小 bb寫道:
我日日接小兒放學都看見SC 及 KV的學生, SC的學生好開心, 好活潑 (小兒K3 才轉到SC, 現在變得好主動, 活潑又開心, 但接近失控<以前好文靜>), 而KV的學生好乖, 又文靜。
SC的學生英文好並不是全因學校教得好, 因為SC的學生大多由菲律賓照顧, 而大多是中產或以上家庭(父母英文程度高D), 我家用印尼姐姐, 家裏又無人講英文, 所以個仔D英不是很出色, 亦不覺得SC其他學術方面教得很好。
我希望細仔讀Victoria, 因為有全普通話及英語教學<無廣東話>, 以前大仔在Victoria讀K1, 他的英文進步神速, 同時可以用普通話和老師自由對答, 這才是學校的功勞。


kakiki 寫道:
等我講一講我以往的經驗, 幾年前我好似各位媽咪一樣, 忙於替小女選kinder, 亦都好相信名牌會令我的大囡能夠容易入讀名小學, 於是就報了九龍塘兩間名kinder, 根德同st.cat, 結果幸運地兩間同時取錄, 係難於選擇時我唯有相信貴些一定好些的道理(因我就算去街市買餸, 如果兩個菜檔一檔賣$5, 一檔賣$6, 我一定會買$6, 因我相信貴些一定有佢既原因), 於是我選擇了貴些那間kinder給我女兒, 每月除了學費$3xxx多,校車連課外活動加埋$7-8000, 三年時間過去了, 我相信呢三年每月比起其他kinder多交仟多元的投資, 應該有少少回報, 但當我小朋友去in 小學時, 絕對無因為我小朋友讀st.cat 而加多d 分, 結果只有一間我麻麻地喜歡私小收佐佢, 反而我同事個小朋友因方便婆婆接放學, 只讀樓下屋村講都無人識kinder, 結果佢入到聖陳守人同拔萃. 很老實, 當時我真的心心不忿, 我每個月比佢多交千多元學費, 3年合共多3萬幾, 目的都是希望小女可以考到好小學, 原來是浪費, 我思前想後, 那我每月多出的學費用途是什麼, 結果是因st.cat 外藉老師比較, 所以學費貴些, 原來那些錢只是幫手出糧比外藉老師, 老實說, 我並不覺得小女及他們同學英文比其他kinder, 與其他kinder不外如是, 只是不怕與外國人接觸, 但有個朋友的小朋友讀根德, 見到外國人一樣不害怕地與他們溝通, 這只是看小朋友性格而定, 有些小朋友比較怕羞見到香港人一樣唔敢同人溝通. 我很後悔每年浪費了萬多元, 我相將這些錢比佢學多幾樣課外活動或帶去外地旅遊, 我相佢得著更大, 所以到我細仔今年都報kinder, 我就先選教學理念為大前題, 另注重身心發展的學校環境好老師有愛心的kinder給他, 而不是追求名牌, 人話好就去追隨.

以上純粹個人經驗之談, 希望各家長能選擇一間適合的kinder 給 :wink: