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Showcase of Canada (1)

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The girls have been waiting for this big day for two months already.  We wake up early for the girls to take a shower, examine the luggages again just in case forgetting anything.  We drive to pick up Kim, my elder daughter's best friend and her mom.  Then off we go, to the conference location.  We go for registration after checking in the hotel.  All of us have to wear the number tag and guests' badges throughout the 3 days.  The girls have to behave themselves because they have got the number tag in front of them; and who knows who are the judges around you during the stay.  We take a rest in the hotel room and wait for the rehersal in the afternoon.  However, the girls want to go to the pool and want to check if another classmate has arrived or not.  The four of them, my two girls, Kim and Justin are the contestant in kids section and teen sections (divided by girls and boys). 

The four of them go on the stage for rehersal for the catwalk for two hours until they say they are tired.  We then walk around in the hotel, taking photos and have our dinner in our room.  We have brought food ourselves; Tim Hortons donuts, bagels, cheese, milk, chips, cup noodles, cereals, just like going for a picnic.  I tell the girls to sleep earlier because we need to wake up early tomorrow morning.






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