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Showcase of Canada (2)

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The schedule is tight today.  All the judges are from Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, models agencies from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Nashville, Boston, other cities in USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghaiy, Singapore etc.

Lala's group for kid's catwalk schedule at 9:00 am, followed by the different teen's groups, adult groups (female and male).  Lala is doing well, wearing a smile on her face all the time and remembers how to pose and walk as was told yesterday.  She received a lot of applause from the audience.  She is the only Asian kid in the kid's section.  BB is doing well too, she is not the only Asian girl but her shape is the best.  Tall and slim.  She got some good comments by others people (contestants) last night when doing the catwalk.  We watch the show until it is time for the next section in another ballroom.

We go back to the room to change clothes for the TV commercial groups, again divided into sections.  Lala is doing good, remember all the scripts and have expressions, saying out loud, with a big smile on face, facing the camera.  BB is not so good as she forget some of her scripts.  She blushes when she is off the stage.  However, she is doing well too, because some of the contestant really makes me laugh, or cannot even hear a word, rumbling etc.

We go to watch Justin's TV commercial show after lunch, then it is time for Lala's singing competion again.  She has changed to her new outfit blue blouse and yellow leggies, very shape colour.  We arrived earlier to the ballroom to avoid sitting behind.  She sings "XX" (I can't remember the name of the song" from Highschool Musical II.  She received a big applause before starting because her pose before the singing is so cool.  However, when music starts, she is a little bit timid, singing and walking on the stage.  Her comments afterwards is she gets a good vocal voice, but needs to practice more on the gesture.  

We stay and listen to the rest of the competition.  There is a teen boy who is really great, "open" in gesture, good voice, and catches all the audience attention.  Some singers are also really so good with good voice, but some really a joke.  Overall, this is a great show.  

I drive to buy pizza for dinner and the girls go for the swimming pool.  Dance party starts at 9:00 pm, Ashley, another best friend arrive for the party because I have got two guest's pass.  All of them enjoy the night.  It is the first time that the girls go for disco like dancing party.  The little one has to leave at 10:30 pm by law, so I bring Lala to hotel room first.  The other keep on dancing until 12:30 am.  When BB come back to the room, she says she enjoy herself so much, so much fun. 

They have suffered a lot too.  It shall be time for them to start to enjoy now, but without you aside.  I am happy to see them happy, but am I really happy without you.  I know I won't. Without you, I am still alive but I am not living anymore.








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