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Showcase of Canada (3)

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We have breakfast in the ballroom and watch for the talent show.  I watched some of this yesterday, but not all because of the time crushed.  The dancing part are new to me because it was after 5:00 pm yesterday; and we left for dinner already.

It is a little disappointment because just find out that the taken photos were all deleted by Lala accidentally.  She wanted to delete one photo but press the wrong button.  All photos are gone.  She is not happy too.  

We check for the call back list.  All the four of them gets call back from several modeling agencies.  Lala gets the best result, she has seven call backs (all are Toronto based), BB gets five (1 New York, 1 Montreal, 3 Toronto), Kim gets two (both Toronto) and Justin gets two (Toronto).  We will have to check with all these agencies in the afternoon. 

We go for the open interview after the breakfast until 1:00 pm.  When it is time for the call backs, all the seven agencies want to sign contract with Lala.  One of them say she is their number one favourite in this show, they will absolutely sign contract with her.  However, the person tells me to go to see all other agencies before deciding. She says we have the choice to choose; and explain to me the business.  The agency will get 10% of the actual earnings.  She says that after signing the agreement, they will set up a trust in bank for their models who is under 19 to avoid all the money earned being used by parents or guardians, then nothing left for the models when they turn 19.  Only about 10%-15% can be used by parents or guardians for the expenditure on the models, such as gas for the car when driving them for work, money to buy clothes for them, etc.  All the money shall be used on the kids.  The minors are protected by law for their earnings.  Another agency say that they are recently looking for Chinese girls for a film and some TV commercials, and Lala is their first choice.  One tells me that they just start to open for their kids division, they only have around 8 kids only, so chances for Lala to get job will be great and Lala has her market as she is Asian, not so many Asian kids in the market.  I have no idea to decide which to which at this time.  I think I need to check with Marie, the organiser for this show first.

The agency from New York tell me to let BB go for some acting class, but they are more interested in her for teen catwalk show because of her figure.  She will send me agreement afterwards.  The model agency in Montrel is mainly for fashion, business in Toronto, Montreal and international.  I can sign BB for this NY one, the Montreal one and then 1 out of the 3 from Toronto.  So BB will have 3 agencies because of the different geographical area.

Overall, the two of them have a great and happy time for these 3 days.





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