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分享 Showcase of Canada (3)
ckkwkl   08-5-11 22:56   250   沒有評論
We have breakfast in the ballroom and watch for the talent show. I watched some of this yesterday, but not all because of the time crushed. The dancing partare new to me because it was after 5:00 pm yesterday; and we left for dinner already. It is a little disappointment becaus ...
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ckkwkl   08-5-10 22:13   294   沒有評論
The schedule is tight today. All the judges are fromWalt Disney, 20th Century Fox, models agencies from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Nashville, Boston, other cities in USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghaiy, Singapore etc. Lala's group for kid's catwalk schedul ...
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ckkwkl   08-5-9 21:47   230   沒有評論
The girls have been waiting for this big day for two months already. We wake up early for the girls to take a shower, examine the luggages again just in case forgetting anything. Wedrive to pick up Kim, my elder daughter's best friend and her mom. Then off we go, to the conf ...
分享 一個月的紀念日
ckkwkl   08-5-1 03:49   293   沒有評論
天氣 : 晴朗 心情 : sorrow 每晚,當電話響起時,都希望是您. 但當真是您時,又不知道跟您說什麼好. 對您說非常掛念您嗎?還是問您有沒有掛念我.對您好似漠不關心,只有靜靜的一問一答或是沈默. 淚在流,但哭要統統在掛線之後. ...
分享 夢中的感覺
ckkwkl   08-4-30 03:51   251   沒有評論
天氣 : 晴朗 心情 : sorrow 昨晚夢見了您.您常入夢,但第一次,這是第一次夢見您不再愛我了.望住您,相對無言,憶起您為了那賤 人和 野種 而 放棄 我地 .個心就(秋)住(秋)住咁痛. 原來 beside 流淚,夢中 也 會 心痛. 感 覺是那 麼 的真 實, 那 麼 的痛. ...

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