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  • 點解每次update都係喪事,我心力交shui 回覆
  • miss my friend.. Eris... what are you doing in Heaven today! the sun shine very bright in New york, how is Heaven? 回覆
  • Well... I thought... working full time... taking care of 2 kids, and doing master degree online at night, will be a night mare... well... seems not that bad.. :) 回覆
  • master degree started from yesterday.... have to work hard... with family, work, and study all at once! 回覆
  • finally, after 3 severe falls, and a second degree burn at March, I am recovered and return to work.. today, I will visit 2 patients at home and will have health education at the public! 回覆
working full time, taking care of 2 kids, with studing master degree.. 2011-06-08
Life becomes crazy... with sleepless at night, and home work, kids, and family, chore... haha.. how come I am still here?
忙碌日 2007-10-27
今日忙咗一日... 看完夜, 就返屋企沖澡, then 送Amanda 返pre-school.. she is such a happy girl.. a perfect teact pet. 之後我吔過New Jersey, 行咗Job f ...
今晚看夜 2007-10-25
今晚會係我"may" 3晚返 Wyckoff Heights Medical Center 做護士長... 之後, 又要由頭嚟過, 去Lutheran Medical Center,,做返RN 咯! 但就美其名係教唐人湊BB, 下 ...
今日day off.. 2007-10-25
好耐冇入嚟留低條腳毛... 之前嘅message 同相, website 俾system delete 哂, 有啲失望... 呢排忙轉工, body check.. Nov 5, 轉去Brooklyn 嘅Lutheran ...


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disney19722002 15-11-20 14:06
你好呀 ! 上網見到你回覆問題好有經驗,好專業, 現有幾條問題, 想請教你, 希望你能指教吓 ! 1. 我個女現剛6個月, 上2星期腸胃炎及發燒,  因鼻塞瞓唔到, 成日醒, 一晚會醒幾次, 所以比佢食奶咀, 希望等佢瞓得返, 瞓得好D, 現在已好返, 以前可以一覺瞓到天光, 唔知點解, 病完後就每晚醒幾次, 每次都要奶咀先可瞓返, 是否之前嘅行為, 已經習慣要有奶咀先瞓得返呀 ? 2. 如果佢已習慣了, 我可以點樣幫佢介奶咀呢? 3. 點先可以另到BB一覺瞓天光呢? 謝謝 !!! ... ...
Mcdy1219 14-5-30 23:06
Hi Nillie,

Long time no talk! How's everything going?

JoZenobia 12-5-26 01:39
Hi Nillie,

How are you? Hope all is well with you and your family.  I did not log on for quite a long time as I am back to school as well.  Just wanna to see how you are doing, home, work, and school? How's your gifted boy? Did you just graduate your MBA?

JoZenobia, Chicago
Nillie_Mami 11-11-15 21:40
You can go to our USA mami's club, there are moms live in CA side. I live in New York, therefore I can't provide too much information on that.
Rose-mag will able to answer your question.
Good luck!
bankerland 11-10-27 15:51
Hi Nillie, I appreiated your sharing and straight forward in those reply in forum. May i seek you valuable advise? After so many year hard working(work + study) in hong kong, I really want to have some experience in USA, so i will take 2 week, short course in San Franciso or New York in coming Christmas, see whether the enivornment is suitable for, In fact, my work and study are both in financial field, so if finally i choose San Francisco (since New York seem very cold in winter time ... ...
serenaws 11-9-14 15:38
多謝回覆!!無錯我係文科架,9th grade即係相等香港既form 2,3?我冇財支撐到我讀咁耐.原來想移民兼想有穏定工作平穏生活真係咁難...我依家係做緊關於design既野.手上只有一張diploma.恐怕都冇可能....呵...不過多謝你咁詳盡~ :)
Readymami 11-9-9 02:06
Nillie_Mami : Jessie, 我只想講真話,你食嘅係典型TB葯,你停葯之後要抖2-3 個月。時間太趕,After treatment, 你仲要X-ray follow up. 唔係一個good plan, 你check 咗自己有 ... Hi Nillie Mami, 我check左無肝炎, 但係我唔知自己打哂懷孕前的vaccine 未,我local 間medical center都無特別叫我要打咩vaccine. 我知自己做哂immigration要求既medical exam and vaccine, except pass唔到肺癆,所以要食藥,之前都照過肺,報告話正常,clear. 依你咁講,我明年應該生唔到bb, 無法啦,只有等再後年啦,鬼叫自己麻煩....哈哈! 我今年已經28啦,再 ... ...
Nillie_Mami 11-9-7 20:55
Hi Here, you are from Art? well, then I will suggest you to do from 9th grade. I had HKCEE English D, but when I told my IELTS, I got only 4.5 which was far below standard, in Australia, and US, to study nursing, your IELTS must overall reach 7. So, I took a English course and lived in the homestay. Then I passed the exam. My HKCEE was only 4. Nothing will be too old.. I am doing my master, as I have a 8 years old daughter and a almost 5  years old son. It doesn't matter. the matte ... ...
Nillie_Mami 11-9-7 20:45
Hi here, Well, since you have never told me your name, I just can't call you serenaws as it is just a user name, sounds not human.. haha you need to get the Tofel or IELTS, you need to search for the CC, where you aunt liives, at the same area, you need to do your reasech about the school, not your aunt because you are the one whom will study at school, no one else. Do you get that? it is all your accountability, if you can make that and make a list to show your parents and aunt that, those ... ...
serenaws 11-9-6 12:36
Nillie_Mami : Hi dear, 你應從海外收生嘅expo入手。育嬰科冇LPN 呢LPN只會出現喺低收入區域嘅診所或私人診所工作,冇專科架,你讀associate degree RN 都係2年,冇人讀LPN呢. ... 咦! 我岩岩睇到你係另一forum既解答.我都係冇science background,咁我要take pre-nursing course. 我都見到話可以去澳洲讀,我依家好驚我年紀太大會唔會已經太遲去讀呢讀路呢.....再次感謝你回覆! ...
serenaws 11-9-6 12:28
Nillie_Mami: Hi dear,
你應從海外收生嘅expo入手。育嬰科冇LPN 呢LPN只會出現喺低收入區域嘅診所或私人診所工作,冇專科架,你讀associate degree RN 都係2年,冇人讀LPN呢. ...
感謝解答!! form 5成績得6分.不過英文合格,作文同listening都有D.我估我英文level應該會pass,係咪有咩考試可以睇下你使唔使入community college架? 謝謝解答!
serenaws 11-9-5 17:07
hi Nillie mami,知你係做nursing,希望你可以幫我睇睇我既情況,我今年已經27,如果想係美國讀nursing係咪已經太老?(我讀係希望移民都能夠搵到工)我幾年前係診所做過7-8個月part time登記護士,呢個experience count唔count呢?我係中五畢業,上網睇過讀LPN課程(一年制),係community colleges,vocational schools、nursing schools.適唔適用於我既情況?我驚見到內臟,咁仲可唔可以做呢?我睇過美國做護士係分好多specialties,我想做nursery,如果讀專科,有冇學校可以推介一下.感激不盡! ... ...
Readymami 11-9-2 14:27
Hi Nillie Mami, 我叫Jessie, 住Pullman, WA.剛剛加入bb kingdom, 知道你係nurse,好想請教你一d問題. 最近醫生check左我有肺癆(inactive),要食藥treatment 9個月. 其實正打算準備生bb,知道自己有黎個病,咩打算都要停,醫生話唔可以生住,要等食完藥先可以生.我同老公都好shock,and失望. 我以家食個隻藥叫Isoniazid 300mg,已經從7月1日開始食,應該要食到出年4月,個treatment 會完. -我想問食完可唔可以即刻生bb? 因為我地好想生龍仔.定係要等幾個月,等d藥係身體內清一清先. -我重想問,d藥傷唔傷身ga? 因為我以家每個月都要check ... ...
Nillie_Mami 11-5-24 20:43
hi grumpy,
as i do not know your name. my name is Nillie.
I live in New York, very close to Newark, about 15 mins away from that airport. I don't know where is RDU.
If you arrive in US, feel free to contact us.. we have gathering in summer time all the time. 8 years is long way to go.. good to come and let your son to explore the environment here in the summer time and winter time so he can get used to it.
grumpy88 11-5-21 14:06
i see some of your sharing in forum, showing that u are a very helpful person.  i'm a Hong Kong mam and hope can be friend of u, i'm going to visit my sister in us, this is my first time to go and go together with my 7 years old son alone.  So, a bit nervious,  i will take co on july 10 and stop at newark, may be i will stay at newark a while, if i have some problem there.  Can i send message to u through babykingdom just incase.  Beside, my sist ... ...
Mcdy1219 11-5-9 09:37
Happy Mothe4's Day!
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